Oct 3, 2013


A beautiful prayer for our son and friend Joe Clark.....
GRACIOUS GOD, We come today asking that you continue to bring your comforting presence to Kaleb, Joe and all who care for them. As they face surgery, we ask that you calm any fear and anxiety that they might be experiencing. Bring to Kaleb and Joe a sense of your ever present spirit and of your HOPE, that they may experience wholeness and fullness of life.

Carefully guide the surgeon's hands, eyes, ears and heart, that your healing touch might be felt through the doctor's skill. Be also with the surgical team and the hospital staff that will care for Kaleb and Joe in the days ahead that they might be instruments of your mercy. Sustain the Palicki family, Clark family and all who love and care for them, that they may trust in the presence of your steadfast love and be upheld by the prayers of our congregation.

Bring your HOLY spirit upon Kaleb and Joe and embrace them in a circle of LOVE, HOPE, COURAGE and COMMUNITY. Bind us to one another, that together we may live towards fullness of life. All this we ask in your name JESUS CHRIST, the GREAT HEALER of us all, who taught us to pray,

"Our FATHER who art in heaven..... Amen!
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"God only gave you this life because he knew you were strong enough to live it"

"People are like stained glass windows. They all sparkle and shine when the sun is out. It is when the darkness sets in that HEROES are revealed, as their mesmerizing courage shines through from the light within" - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross



LOVE for Dallas!!!!

Our niece Haley next to Kaleb's heart on the wall at school