Dec 17, 2013


Sorry We didn't update right after Kaleb's doctor appointment. The one night Doctor appointment didn't go as planned.
The one night turned into being trapped down there from an ice storm. Let me tell you people, when they say the city shuts down, they are right. Brian and I have never seen anything like it. In Chicago this would have been no big deal but in Dallas, with no proper equipment, salt, sand, basically nothing. You are trapped and hope for the sun to come out and melt everything. (no joke )

We kept getting our flights canceled on us and after the 4th or 5th flight that they re-booked us for and cancelled on us. It was time to try and find anything to get us home. Thank God for our brother in law Adam, our aunt Donna, uncle Johnny and other family members trying to do what they could to get us home. It was so bad there at DFW airport, it was even on the news Sunday evening here. People where still stuck there on Tuesday the 10th  last we heard.

We have no idea when more flights and runways opened up. If it wasn't for Adam, who picked that magical lucky flight to Madison Wisconsin, we would have still been there. We were stuck there since Wednesday and didn't get home till Sunday. Our hotel lost power from the trees and branches falling over from the thick ice and on top of it, Kaleb got sick and was running a fever ever since we landed there. So there we were trapped, no flights out, no power, with a sick baby and running out of money and options. It was a lot of fun!

Our other son Dylan, had his birthday party set for that Saturday and we missed it. I was devasted, only because we have missed so much with in the past year. Plus the little guy didn't get a birthday party last year cause we were in the hospital. So Dylan doesn't know any better, he just knows that his brother has boo boos and we had to miss a lot of holidays and partys, even his. So it broke our hearts and we just had to keep concentrating on the good news we got from Doctor Fearon and not on everything else that was falling apart around us.

Normally it's not a big deal but after dealing with what we have for a little over a year, it gets to be tiring. We love you Dylan and you are the best son and the best big brother that anyone could ask for. We know this is very hard on you but hopefully one day you will understand and know that daddy and I tried our very best and we would do anything for you boys. You guys are our EVERYTHING!

Doctor Fearon was very pleased with how Kaleb looked and how he was acting. Doctor Fearon told us that Kaleb shouldn't need anymore surgery on his skull and that everything looked great. The only surgeries that Kaleb would need would be more regarding his brain not his skull. So only time will tell with everything but we will take this wonderful news and run with it.

We know that Kaleb's skull will not grow like a normal persons skull would. It can change over time but maybe his wont change as much. We are hoping for the best and hopefully his skull wont have any other growth changes and will continue to grow as is now. Thank you everyone for all you prayers and kind thoughts. We love you all and we Thank you :-). We have more to update you guys about with Kalebs other appointment with his neurosurgeon here in Chicago.

I will update tomorrow since I'm running out of time today.
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LOVE for Dallas!!!!

Our niece Haley next to Kaleb's heart on the wall at school