May 6, 2014

UDATE: May 6th, 2014

Kaleb just had his 132 appointment for a hearing test and then a follow up with his ENT. Kaleb did great during the hearing test!
I was so proud of him since it was a long test. Kaleb passed and his hearing is so far so good :))... We dont have to go back to see his ENT for about 6mths... So we get a nice long break with that specialists. Kaleb's next big appointment will be in June with his neuro surgeon. Fingers crossed!!! Kaleb has been doing good so far. We see a couple of changes with him but we are not going to panic. The one big change we see, is Kalebs head banging has started up again. Those symptoms started in April, so we are a little concerned.. We just keep a watch on him and see how each day and night goes.. Kaleb has had a lot more good days and nights then bad. I feel like we finally got to the point where we can enjoy him and take everything about him all in. Ever since he was diagnosed at 2 mths old, I can't seem to remember him or any little mile stones.. It is all a blur filled with appointments, surgeries, incubation, cleaning incisions, worried about infections, keeping track of symptoms.. I feel for the first 18 mths all we have know is hospitals and doctors. All that is starting to change a little bit for us. I can really see him and we are taking every single moment in :).. Kaleb is such a sweetheart with a big personality, lol.. Thank you so much for your prayers and for thinking of our son. Kaleb is truly inspirational and we can't get enough of him. We will continue to update you all with any changes and news of any appointments. Thanks again and hope all is well with your family. GOD BLESS <3
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LOVE for Dallas!!!!

Our niece Haley next to Kaleb's heart on the wall at school