Jul 21, 2014

Update: July 21st, 2014 ALL 4 ONE AND ONE 4 ALL

ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!!!!! Sorry We havn't updated in so long, I was having some problems with Kaleb's site. We are all good now :)


Kaleb was scheduled to see his neurosurgeon out here for June. We decided to cancel the appointment and reschedule for a later time. His surgeons out in Texas want to do an MRI flow study and if he goes in June to his neurosurgeon out here and gets a regluar MRI done, then they wont do the MRI flow study in Texas. They dont want to subject Kaleb to so many scans and they would be re scanning him in October. So we decided in the best interest of Kaleb, the MRI flow study is more important for him because of his special circumstances and the way he is herniaited. Kaleb has is neuro psychologists appt scheduled for the 31st. We are excited to go to that appt since Kaleb is doing great in that aspect. He is saying more words and putting more and more of them together. So we know that his doctor is going to be really happy with his progress :).. On another note Kaleb has had a spotty 5 weeks, nights for the most part.  At about the 2 week marker we took him to his pediatrician to rule out all the normal things, ears, nose, throat, teeth and everything was good. So we just continue to keep on eye on him and write down anything out of the norm. Kaleb will basically do what he did last time, wake up screaming like something is hurting him or as if he just received a sharp pain. He will occasionally rub his head and tell us head, head, like it hurts him.  We wont know anything until he can communicate a little bit better with us. He is such a little trooper and he is for the most part a bundle of joy... He always was, even with enduring what he has, he never lost his smile :) and cheerfulness. He would fight to be happy, if that makes any sense. The next round of appointments is set for October 2nd, down in good old Dallas Texas!! We see his plastic surgeon and neurosurgeon, Dr. Fearon and Dr. Swift. Kaleb will also see Dr.Kolar and media, so we will be busy!! They will be doing his MRI flow study down there as well, so we will see where Kaleb stands. We will be able to tell how the fluid is moving and circulating throughout his spine and head. We wiil also be able to see if there are any changes with his bottom tonsils of the brain, if they shifted or moved closer to his brain stem, and finally to see if fluid gathered back by his brain stem for some sort of protection.. So I'm curious but also scared about it.. FINGERS CROSSED!!! We have Kaleb's two year appt coming up in August and yes 2 years old!! We can't believe the little stinker will be 2. We will know if his stomach lining closed up like it should and also see how he has progressed :) On another HAPPY note, Brian's brother and sister in law, Al and Carol Palicki, organized this BEAUTIFUL fundraiser for Kaleb that we didn't even know about. When we saw them back on July 5th, they told us how they put together this fundraiser on June 5th and presented us with a check. They told us ALL 4 ONE AND ONE 4 ALL and their goal was to make it to $4,444.44 and they did. Brian and I were so touched and I cried like a baby, words cannot express how we felt... To have family go and put something together for your son is an indescribable feeling of LOVE and GRATEFULNESS!!! They showed us a video they put together and all the people that helped out.. They all wished our family and son well wishes and prayers <3 :)) It was AWESOME!!!!! Brian and I just wanted to say THANK  YOU from the bottom of our hearts to the depth of our souls!!! We are very THANKFUL and BLESSED to have people that care about our son so much.. The expenses keep adding up quickly and everything always goes to medical... We really APPRECIATE the help and the LOVE that everyone shows our family!!! WE will continue to keep everyone updated on Kalebs progress and appointments.. GOD BLESS you all and thanks for checking in!!! Hope all is well with you and your family :) much love!


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LOVE for Dallas!!!!

Our niece Haley next to Kaleb's heart on the wall at school