Apr 14, 2015

Kaleb update

Hi everyone :)we got some great news in regards to Kaleb's MRI flow study!!! Kaleb's brain looks good, brain stem looks great and it is not bent anymore :) spine looks good, CSF fluid is flowing just as it should and no tumor :))). So we got the best news ever and we don't have to go back and see Dr. Swift for two years!!! So as long as Kaleb is having no problems, two years is what we are shooting for in regards to his brain :). In regards to his bowels, we are still in communication with Kalebs gastro specialist and we are waiting to see how this month goes for Kaleb. 

If we find no improvements in regards to his bowel situation, then we have to go see the motility disorder dr in Milwaukee Wi. So we are just taking one day at a time. We did however get some bad news in regards to Kaleb's teeth that we haven't shared with a lot of people. Sometimes when its one thing after another with your child, u just need some time to process it yourself since its been one thing after another... I feel really bad saying that because we are soooo BLESSED<3 and have so much to be THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for. We just get tired sometimes, that's all ;)  I had to take Kaleb to see a pediatric dentist, who also specializes in special needs. We noticed Kaleb's teeth getting worse and worse throughout his growing but since he's had so many problems, we brought it up to his doctors but had to focus on Kaleb's major issues he had going on at the moment. We eventually found out that Kaleb's teeth are really bad and never had a fighting chance... The dentist told us that the odds were stacked against Kaleb the day he was born and it was nothing Brian or I did as parents. He basically told us that Kaleb's teeth are in horrible shape and if he was a normal two year old that didn't have the surgeries or problems Kaleb did, they would need to put him under NOW and do the surgical work that needs to be done :-/ We were told that Kaleb's teeth are rotting and he has many problems with cavities as well. We were also told that Kaleb was also born with no enamel on his teeth. As parents, you get really upset hearing this news because you do everything you can to take care of your children and when you hear something like this, you automatically start blaming yourself and the questions start rushing through your mind again.... Was it something we did??? Could we we have done something sooner???? Why is this happening to him with everything else he has been through??? The dentist reassured us, with his conditions, the odds were already stacked against him and it was nothing we could have done differently. We just wish Kaleb could catch a break and the last thing we want to see, is him being knocked out for another surgery. Kaleb's dentist feels the same way.....He is also worried about putting Kaleb under after all he has been through but they can't let the rotting continue. It will just cause other problems in other areas. So in the meantime..... We brush a lot more, have to take him in for frequent cleanings and fluoride treatments to try and slow down the rotting process.. The dentist wants to give Kaleb the most time under his belt that he can before putting him under again for all the work that needs to be done. How much time we have, we don't know.. So it's like anything else..... We take one day at a time <3. So right now, we focus on his bowels and his teeth and go from there.. Hopefully soon, maybe by summer time, our appointments will start to slow down;) If not, we know we have a lot to be HAPPY about and we know things can always be worse. We hope all is well with you and your family! Take care and God Bless xoxo Thank you for checking in <3

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LOVE for Dallas!!!!

Our niece Haley next to Kaleb's heart on the wall at school